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The Irlofil

producing quality

since 1948 to

entire Brazilian family.

The Irlofil Food Products Ltda. was founded in 1948 by Lorenzetti family in the city of Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo, west of São Paulo and 350 km from the capital. Today, it is one of the most traditional and prestigious industries of products derived from peanuts from Brazil. To maintain this position, Irlofil works extensively in the overall quality of their product so that their customers have 100% food security, because for us, respect for the consumer is the most important task, so we serve products and services quality, reliability and high technology.


The Irlofil is inspired every day to be a solid company and strong brand in the confectionery market. We intend to ensure the best product always worrying about in producing quality products and aflatoxin-free, bringing our customers the pleasure and sweet childhood memory. Our sweets are given large doses of love, dedication and care so that every bite is a moment of pure satisfaction to our consumers.


To be among the best companies in the peanut candy industry in Brazil, and to be recognized by consumers for providing good feelings and good memories of Grandma's little time with their homemade sweets.


Customer satisfaction and warranty:

They are the main motivation and the existence of any business, deserve our respect and dedication.

Appreciation and respect for people:

Every institution is made up of people, and it is they who make the dreams and corporate goals into reality, always with great respect, teamwork and responsibility.

Act as a safe and quality business:

The company must always seek to produce quality products ensuring supreme excellence, making it a strong brand.

Social responsability:

Build with partners a more just society for all.

Respect for the Environment:

Ensuring a better and sustainable future for generations to come.